Capture your design concepts with precise 2D drawings that you can easily edit, repurpose, and share. Use powerful documentation tools in AutoCAD LT® drafting and detailing software to communicate real-world dimensions and technical details that convey the specifics of your design. You can work with confidence, relying on the genuine DWG™ technology in AutoCAD LT for stable and compatible drawing files that are interoperable with other AutoCAD®-based software. Sharing options that enable close collaboration and workflow integration help you get feedback and make changes efficiently. With a focus on your drafting productivity, AutoCAD LT is built for effective design documentation.


  • Drafting software that fits your needs: Maximize your technology budget with industry-leading 2D drafting software matched to the task.
  • File compatibility and connectivity: Standardize on one of the most commonly used design file formats in the industry. Create, send, and receive files with confidence using genuine DWG technology.
  • Efficiency and accuracy: Help software users respond to client needs quickly and meet deadlines with productivity-enhancing features and functionality.
  • Low learning curve: Help manage your training costs by buying the software that many users learn in school. Leverage the support of a worldwide community of Autodesk® software users, training, and a global knowledge base.
  • Market-leading products: With a proven track record of continuous innovation, Autodesk is an industry leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software globally.
  • Room for growth: More easily expand your software capabilities to Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Digital Prototyping, with AutoCAD LT software’s integration with other Autodesk® software products.

Connecticut Light and Power

Sodelavci enostavneje razberejo ideje, ki se skrivajo za mojimi risbami in oblikovanji. Produkt za oblikovanje kot je AutoCAD LT mi omogoča neomejeno ustvarjanje in to je največji doprinost tako meni osebno kot podjetju.

George Stuart
Instrument Vodja tehnične službe, Connecticut Light and Power